TOMORROW’s mission is to contribute to the greater good of the world by bringing the public inspiring moments that make us think about the future of mankind as it is our belief that peaceful minds today will help make the world a better and more livable place for future generations.

In order to accomplish our mission, TOMORROW will initiate projects that facilitate and unite art, culture, and education, and that advocate for human rights and peace. Furthermore, TOMORROW will also collaborate with other like-minded organizations in carrying out activities and projects that are complementary to our mission.

  1. TOMORROW aims to foster projects that incorporate fine art, crafts, and the built environment. These projects will be developed by living artists, artisans, and architects with a goal of giving people opportunities to deepen their understanding of their ideas and works.

  2. TOMORROW will invite international artists to Japan to study traditional creative skills and crafts as a means to discovering new potential in these techniques, so as to invest them with a new value for all to learn from.

  3. TOMORROW will launch educational strategies to introduce future generations to the arts, spread knowledge, and provide harmonious experiences that will enrich cultural communication globally.

  4. TOMORROW wishes to draw attention to the diverse cultures, ideas and habits of our participating artists and audiences by hosting events, including celebrations not just of art, but also of food, fashion, and traditional customs.