Field of Stars

Permanent installation


Field of Stars project is a collaboration between artist Teresita Fernández and master carpenter Shuji Nakagawa, together with a younger generation of team members, led by Shunya Hashizume of TOMORROW, alongside interns Kohei Wakamatsu and Cypress Fernández-Downs.


Fernández’s conceptually based work is rooted in challenging conventional definitions of landscapes by deconstructing traditional genres of landscape painting and land art to reveal more urgent narratives. She places particular importance on her critical choices of materials that have complex histories often tied to colonialism, land, and power.


Field of Stars, was developed by working closely with the intergenerational creative team.



249 Miya Tangocho, Kyotango




Please use the nearby Takano Shrine parking lot.


Always open

Year: 2023
Material: Japanese cypress, stone from Miyazu
Art Concept: Teresita Fernández, Cypress Fernández-Downs
Woodwork: Shuji Nakagawa
Masonry: Kentaro Sakae
Excavation: Omura Corporation
Design: Shunya Hashizume, Kohei Wakamatsu