Exhibition "Taiza, Tango"


The exhibition “Taiza, Tango” was held from Decmber 10 to 25 at SEI KYOTO. This exhibition featured documentations of the nature and landscapes that photographer Naoya Hatakeyama encountered during his visit to Kyotango, northern Kyoto, and local products from the area.


Through his photographs, Hatakeyama presented the viewer a sense of the richness of nature, its power to renew itself like the morning something new always begins. In the “Taiza, Tango” exhibition, new works through his stay in Kyotango in different seasons was shown for the first time. Beyond the breathtaking scenes, landscapes and forms of life that the people of Kyotango have found before them are alive. ​


To look is to envision, and to envision is to imagine. The activities of daily life that were once seen throughout Japan – sake brewing, dyeing and weaving, paper making, earthen wall, vinegar and soy sauce brewing, pickles – all of these scenes cannot be described without a dialogue with nature. The toji (master brewer) listens deeply to the fermentation of sake, the dyeing artisan adjusts dyes according to daily weather conditions and temperature and humidity, the brewer cultivates rice from the pure water and fertile soil where it grows, and there is the beauty that people have created by constantly looking the creation and transformation of life with affection. We hope that this exhibition was an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of looking, in order to contemplate the beauty that exists here and tomorrow. ​ It has been two years since we started developing TOMORROW FIELD in Kyotango.


We hope the exhibition was provide opportunities to nurture people’s richness of mind through art and cultural activities. We aim to build foundation for imagining a new culture by having people who experience the exhibition become interested in Kyotango, visit the area and experience the beauty of Japan’s climate, rich food and culture, and surrounding cultural resources, thereby reaffirming the richness of the Japanese climate and local culture where they can encounter beautiful landscapes.


December 10-25, 2022




1,000 yen




Naoya Hatakeyama, “Shiroshima Park, Tango-cho Taiza”, 2022


Exhibition Contents


Original products of “TOMORROW FIELD”, foods related to fermentation in Kyotango, and bedding were presented at the exhibition.

It is also a process of rethinking nature and life from the perspective of the possibilities offered by the technology of “fermentation,” which was created by the wisdom and experience of people in order to survive in a universal culture.

Naoya Hatakeyama: Photograph
Kamisoe: Greeting card made of soil from Kyotango
Shuji Nakagawa: Chopsticks and spoon, wooden plate, sweets plate
Akio Niisato: Four bowls
Satoshi Sato: Glass, medicinal tea cup set
Design Tochi: Bedding made of hemp from Kyotango ​

Naoya Hatakeyama, “Shinmeiyama Tomb, Tango-cho Taiza”, 2022