Graveyard Concept

Long contemplation of the motivations behind art led me to the concept of “prayer,” and to the significance of the graveyard. This graveyard is to be a place where people who are left behind to be revitalized by regaining hope for living through artistic experience and in harmonious environment in nature.

To be moved is to regain vitality through experience, to reconnect with the world, and to have hope for the next moment of life. This graveyard concept will be a place of inspiration for those who visit. On the first day of a person’s final days, those who are left behind search for a place to live and for meaning. The things they see, touch, smell, feel, and taste at that moment will be a guide for the rest of their lives.

A small boat arrives at the landing. When you get off, you find yourself on a small island that should be empty. At first glance, the island is covered with trees, but a quiet stream flows through it, and flowers bloom silently. Looking at this, you realize that flowing water is a cycle of life. In this cycle, plants, flowers, people, and even the dead exist.

As you step out, you will see a gravestone of the dead at the end of several signs standing by the side of the road. But there are not only gravestones, there are also artworks to remind the living, and benches to rest the feet of travelers.

Reunite and talk with the dead in a prayer place that extends underground from the top of the hill. From a small observation tower built at the end of the forest, the sea and sky are seen. Feeling the gentle light and wind, people confirm their relationship with nature and resolve to live. This is a place to look at death and life.