Semi-customized Tours for Patronager

TOMORROW FIELD can host semi-customized tours from Kyoto City to Taiza based on your preferences, in cooperation with the travel agency Sentio.

From Amanohashidate in the east to Kinosaki Onsen in the west, we will create a tour that allows you to view artworks along with the charm of the rich cultural resources of the ancient Tamba (Taniwa) Country, a designated UNESCO Geopark, and enjoy the surrounding restaurants and accommodations while also engaging in cultural tourism.


《Donate and apply》

Donation of 50,000 yen or more

◯Your name
◯Period of interest (e.g., October 25–October 31, 2024)
◯Number of people

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*On the day of the tour, we will provide a hired car (one car per group) for your transportation.

*The contents of the tour will vary depending on your budget.