The architect Ryue Nishizawa renovated this 100-year-old machiya, or traditional Kyoto townhouse, with sukiya craftsmen, restore the machiya in the traditional way.


丗|SEI is the name of a 100-year-old machiya which houses the WATER AND ART/TOMORROW office and also serves as a residence. 丗 is an old Chinese character meaning “world” and “30 years as one generation.”

This name expresses our intention to plan, coordinate, and consult on projects that focus on the creation of art, and to become a place worthy of passing on to the next generation, along with all of the wisdom, skill, and connections that are nurtured over time.



Kyoto, Japan

Please use nearby parking lots.

Open to the public during exhibitions and other events.

Year: 2016
Architecture and supervision: Ryue Nishizawa, Motoyasu Matsui, Yuko Higashide (Office of Ryue Nishizawa)
Structure: Yoko Masuda, Sae Tamura (Tourisha)

Construction Management: Atsushi Torii (Atelier Kokonoma)
Wood Work: Nakazen Hirooka Construction Company
Clay Wall Plaster: Nakasu Plasterer
Tatami: Takamuro Tatami
Kitchen, Box Stairs, Table, Chair: Jyurinsha
Hand Wash Tub: Shuji Nakagawa