TAIZA Studio

TAIZA Studio is an experimental two-story house nestled in the Tango region, facing the sea and enveloped in burnt cedar boards. Constructed over a century ago, it has undergone meticulous repairs over the past four years by skilled woodworkers, ceramists, glassworkers, karakami artisan, and plaster craftsmen.


Through this transformative process, the site evolves into a hub for mutual learning, seamlessly integrating the house and its activities into the fabric of the community, thereby becoming an intrinsic part of its history. It serves as a platform where life and art intertwine, narrating a compelling story.


Throughout the year, TAIZA Studio hosts food and craft workshops along with art exhibitions, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its unique ambiance and creative energy.


Open to the public during exhibitions and other events, TAIZA Studio welcomes visitors to engage with its vibrant atmosphere and creative offerings.




2854 Taiza Tangocho, Kyotango




There is no parking available. Please use the nearby Shiroshima Park parking lot.

Open to the public during exhibitions and other events,

Year: 2021-2024
Construction: Omura Koumuten
Clay Wall Plaster: Nakasu Plasterer
Tatami: Takamuro Tatami
Kitchen: Jyurinsha
Mounting: Fujita Gasodo