TOMORROW creates sustainable living spaces using local construction methods, materials, and contemporary thinking and techniques –


A former textile factory will become SEI TAIZA, Taiza’s first art gallery and TAIZA Residence, an art living space, created jointly by AAWAA and TOMORROW. It will focus on food and be a place for the creation of regenerative art, crafts, and experimental installation led by artist Teresita Fernàndez and woodworker Shuji Nakagawa. Field of Stars will be open to the public.


October 25, 2024–November 17, 2024

11:00–16:00 (closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays)


TAIZA Studio, SEI TAIZA, TAIZA Residence, Tomorrow Field in Miya


TOMORROW, Japan Arts Council, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan



¥1,500 (valid for entry to all venues)

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Photo: Noboru Morikawa

Special Exhibition
WILD – Life Style by the Sea 


TAIZA Studio, the base of activities of TOMORROW FIELD, hosts craftspeople who create vessels for everyday use from materials suited to the local climate. We also introduce new spaces called Nature Rooms in collaboration with Kaikado and Kamisoe. And also, Ken Sakamoto (cenci) and Shuji Kusunoki will provide wakame soup and fermented foods made with local seaweeds for visitors enjoy between viewing the works (advance reservation required).

In the TAIZA Residence, AAWAA exhibits a spatial work using clay from the Taiza area.

Presented: AAWAA, Kaikado, Kamisoe, Ken Sakamoto (cenci), Shuji Kusunoki
Venue: TAIZA Studio, TAIZA Residence



Photo: Noboru Morikawa

Special Exhibition
Can’t we be friends?


SEI TAIZA is an art gallery in a renovated sixty-year-old textile factory. This exhibition will feature new site-specific works by four contemporary artists.

AAWAA’s spatial work; Ken Gun Min’s drawings and embroideries of Tango folklore; Sangho Noh’s drawings of collages of Tango ruins, culture, and landmarks; and Rika Noguchi’s photograph taken in Taiza.

Presented: AAWAA, Sangho Noh, Ken Gun Min, Rika Noguchi



Sangho Noh “Taiza” 2024

Special Exhibition
This place used to be and will be.


An art “map” that allows viewers to sense the past, present, and future of Taiza is created and distributed in limited quantities, along with drawings woven from Sangho Noh’s experiences visiting Taiza and from his imagination, and texts on Taiza’s history researched by TOMORROW interns (*Available for download on the website).

In addition, students from the class of Professor Akihisa Hirata at Kyoto University’s graduate school of architecture, together with textile designer Yoko Ando, will exhibit a model and drawings of a pavilion for a vision of the future of Taiza.

Presented: Sangho Noh, Students of Akihisa Hirata of Kyoto University + Yoko Ando
Venue: TAIZA Studio



Photo: Noboru Morikawa

In addition, the permanent installation Field of Stars will be open to the public at Miya near Takano Shrine.