Japan once oriented itself toward the sea. Today, as globalization progresses and living in a city is considered a status symbol, solitary deaths and orphaned food are on the rise.

Through art and food, TOMORROW FIELD hopes to create opportunities for people to gather, create places to learn, and become aware of the natural assets of the land in a depopulated and shrinking population.



March 1, 2025–March 16, 2025

11:00–16:00 (closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays)


SEI TAIZA, TAIZA Residence and TAIZA Studio


TOMORROW, Japan Arts Council, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

METI School facade photo: Kurt Hoerbst

Special Exhibition


In order to rediscover the beauty of the land, we have invited creative thinkers active in Japan and abroad to work with us to improve the quality of our lives and actions through the creation of artworks and the incorporation of the things learned in the process.

Work by Anna Heringer from Germany, Martin Rauch from Austria, and AAWAA—which focuses on re-evaluating the material of the land and building a system to nurture the know-how to live richly within the community—will be presented.


Creators: AAWAA, Anna Heringer+Martin Rauch