Special Exhibition Remedy


How long will superiority continue to be valued in the capital?


Once we return to beauty; once remedy is necessary. We must look deep into our hearts, live in accordance with the nature of the environment in which we live, recognize that our bodies and minds will eventually perish, and make our prayers, which we will pass on to the next generation, reside in our hands and work.


Remedy is an installation that compares the rudder of the heart to an Asian boat and takes us on a journey along the Silk Road, tracing the culture that was imported to Japan, and showing how medicine, foodstuffs, Japanese plants used for dyeing and weaving—and the vessels and fabrics made from them—are connected to modern technology.


At SEI KYOTO, Shuji Nakagawa will exhibit wooden boats inspired by ancient views of life and death. Akio Niisato will exhibit ceramic works using medicinal herbs and plant-based glazes. Rika Noguchi will showcase a photo that was taken in Taiza. A concurrent exhibition by Koh Kado and Satoshi Sato will be held at Kamisoe.



October 30, 2024–November 10, 2024

12:00–16:00 (closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays)



SEI KYOTO, Kamisoe


TOMORROW, Japan Arts Council, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan


¥1,000 (entry to Kamisoe is free)

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(SEI KYOTO)Shuji Nakagawa, Akio Niisato, Rika Noguchi

(Kamisoe)Koh Kado, Satoshi Sato